Delivery during Black Week

We have a delivery time of 4-9 working days  , depending on the destination country. However, during high-demand periods like Black Week, there may be delays, resulting in extended delivery times.

We are thoroughly prepared; our warehouse works around the clock, and we make every effort to process all orders as quickly as possible.

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Please note

  • Some countries offer delivery to a pickup point. If you choose delivery to a parcel pickup point, we cannot guarantee that the parcel will be available for pickup at your chosen location. In certain cases, particularly during high-demand periods like Black Week, parcel pickup locations may become crowded, increasing the risk that parcels will be redirected to the next available pickup location.
  • Parcels are sometimes not scanned when the carrier picks them up. In such cases, they may only get scanned when they reach the first distribution center. This might make it seem like the parcel is still in our warehouse, even though it's on its way. If your tracking ID hasn't been updated within 24 hours, please contact customer service for an update. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding!

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