How to exchange products bought during Black Week

If you have bought products with a Black Week discount and want to exchange them and get the same discount? Here are your options:

Bought in our store
  • If the product is bought in a physical store, then it must be returned in a physical store as well
  • In the physical stores, we can offer to exchange the product(s) for a different size
  • If you wish to exchange one model for another model or color, then there will, in some cases, be a price difference to pay since the price and discount may vary between products and colors

Please note: It is not possible to send back items purchased in stores.

Bought online

It is no problem to exchange items bought during Black Week and maintain the discount.

Simply send the wrong size/fit item back to us through our online return portal as usual. Afterward, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Place a new order with the desired size whenever this is in stock

  2. Send us an e-mail at containing the following text:

    Old order number: EU123456
    New order number: EU234567
    I want the price difference refunded :-)

  3. As soon as we have read your email, we will issue the refund, and you will receive the money within 1-2 business days

If you want to get refunded for the price difference, it is not possible to change the model or color. It is, however fine to change fit (slim/regular) and size

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