How to exchange or return a gift

There are a few different options for exchanging and returning your gift.

To figure out whether your order was purchased online or in a physical store, we recommend you to ask the giver. The giver will have to provide you with an order number or a gift receipt, depending on where the gift was purchased.

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Online purchase

Exchange/return online
For exchanges or returns online, you will need the order number + zip code/phone number/email of the giver. Once you have this information, please go to our return portal via the button below and register your return. If you would like to exchange the product, you will simply need to return the product and reorder the desired product as we do not offer direct exchanges.

Return portal

Please note that we only operate with secure payment methods. This means that the refund can only be posted back to the original payment method. This cannot be changed.

When exchanging or returning the gift, the refund will be posted to the giver's original payment method. 

Exchange/return in-store
If your gift has been purchased online, you can also return or exchange it in one of our stores. Bring the product and the order number. 

Please note that in the event of a return in-store the money will be refunded to the giver's original payment method.

In-store purchase
If you have received a gift that was purchased in one of our stores, the gift can only be exchanged or returned in one of our stores. Please make sure to bring the product as well as the gift receipt.

Please note that gifts purchased in a physical store can only be refunded by presenting the original receipt. The gift receipt allows you to exchange the product(s).

Do you want to read more about returns and exchanges, please click the button below:

Returns and exchanges

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