I am unable to find my size, why is this?

In case you cannot find your combination of width and length, this is most likely because we do not yet have it in our assortment. If a particular size is out of stock, the size will have a status of SOLD OUT. If you want information on a sold-out product, click here.

In case you want an update on upcoming sizes, please contact our Customer Care.

We offer the following widths:

  • W28
  • W30
  • W31
  • W32
  • W33
  • W34
  • W36
  • W38
  • W40
  • W42
  • W44

We offer the following lengths:

  • L28
  • L30
  • L32
  • L34
  • L36

We do not yet have all combinations of widths and lengths, but we are working to expand our size range and assortment all the time.

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