My order number does not work when registering my return

If your order number does not work when you enter it in the return portal, it is most often due to it not being entered correctly. Remember to put "EU" or "US" in front of the order number (or SE, NO, DE, etc.).

Our systems only recognize order numbers if they contain all digits, both letters and numbers.

Your order number will always have a format similar to the following order numbers, ie with two letters followed by four-six numbers:

  • EU1234 / US1234
  • EU5555 / US5555
  • EU4328 / US4328

However, our system will not recognize the following:

  • 1234
  • 5555
  • 4328
  • EU 1234 / US 1234

If this still does not work, please contact our Customer Service via the button below:

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