Classic Pants in the sun

It is definitely possible to wear your Classic Pants in the sun, but we recommend you not to wear them in direct sunlight for longer periods at a time, especially if you are sweating and rubbing the material/thighs, then the discoloration process will be much quicker.

Lighter colors respond better to direct sunlight. E.g. Sand, Granite, etc.


Why is this happening?

Our cotton fibers are produced in a natural material that comes with natural limitations. This is not limited to our pants alone but all dyed pants produced in cotton.

If you want to wear your pants in the sun for extended periods and rub your hands on your thighs/material (excessively😉), we really recommend our Essential Pants/Shorts. These are developed in a highly technical fabric designed to withstand any conditions. Additionally, the essential material is more durable and will dry quicker should you sweat/get wet.

Another suggestion would be to have several pairs of pants to change in between, to avoid the pants being exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.


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